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Proud To Be An Employee-Owned Company

In 1998, Chip Cargas, the founder of Cargas Systems, rolled out an employee ownership plan designed to support his dream of building a rewarding, team-oriented workplace, where employees share in the financial success of the organization.


Employee Shareholders

Cargas provides all employees with stock ownership opportunities and significant equity growth potential. This supports the company’s privately-owned and predominantly employee-owned status, which in turn promotes stability and reinforces company culture.

Since the initial offering, Chip has reduced his stock ownership from 100% to 42%. Currently, 73% of Cargas employees are shareholders. Even those who do not own stock in the company are encouraged to perform according to the employee-owned culture that has been fostered throughout the history of Cargas.

Positive Impact

Employee ownership has positively impacted Cargas in many ways. The company has been able to consistently attract and retain talented employees, which is often a challenge in the technology industry. Employee ownership has created a bond that connects Cargas’ purpose, core values and culture, resulting in a fun, team-oriented and successful company.

Being an employee owner at Cargas gives me the feeling that I really matter in the organization, that I am not just employee number 71. My ideas and opinions are taken seriously and discussed to see how they may be used to better the company. I also get satisfaction in knowing that everyone benefits from all the hard work, dedication, and loyalty shown by all employees here at Cargas; that, in turn, fosters even more hard work, dedication and loyalty.
Bob Graybill, Senior Software Engineer
Owning stock in Cargas Systems makes me feel like I’m part of something special, and it makes me an entrepreneur. My contributions make a difference and I help control the destiny of our company.
Sandy Folts, Corporate Secretary
Employee Ownership is about investing yourself into the organization, more than just the monetary investment and return (which is important). It is about a deeper commitment to the organization. The organization becomes much more than just a job; you are a part of something larger. You invest dollars; you get a return of dollars. You invest of yourself into the organization; you get a return of teamwork, achieving common goals, being part of something larger than yourself.
Jon Clemens, Vice President
Employee ownership is a level of commitment to the company that goes beyond the norm. Ownership makes me feel more involved. I like sharing in the company’s financial success.
Mary Ellen DeWitt, Sr. Systems Consultant