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The History Of Cargas

June 17, 1988

In a corner of his bedroom in Lancaster, PA, Chip Cargas launches a computer consulting firm with a state-of-the-art Macintosh SE with a 9” screen, dot matrix printer, desk, phone and answering machine. Today, Cargas Systems is a thriving business software and consulting company—with that antique Mac proudly on display in Chip’s office.

Core Values

Chip developed Cargas Systems based on his vision of a company built on values that inspired and motivated the employees. One of the first sets of “policies and procedures” he designed for the company was the set of core values that remain in place today: teamwork, customer care and shared success. With a background in Industrial Engineering and Human Resources, plus a lifelong interest in developing efficient and effective systems and procedures, Chip determined that helping companies achieve business success would be his company’s primary focus.

Great Plains Partner

In 1993, Cargas Systems became an authorized Great Plains (now Microsoft) partner. Within two years, Cargas met the strict sales growth requirements to become a member of the esteemed President’s Club. Cargas has since been honored with several prestigious awards and achievements from Microsoft, including Excellence in Customer Care and the Microsoft Industry Solutions Award for Best Financial Solution, designating Cargas Systems as one of the most respected partners in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Employee Ownership

Chip was the sole owner of Cargas Systems until 1998 when he introduced employee ownership. Chip reduced his ownership from 100% to 40%, and now 73% of Cargas employees are shareholders in the company. Even those who do not own stock in the company are encouraged to perform according to the employee-owned culture that has been fostered throughout the history of Cargas Systems.

Cargas Energy

In 2005, Cargas Systems introduced Cargas Energy, software and mobile technology for fuel delivery and service companies. By applying the same focus on streamlined processes and efficient systems that made the company so successful to a new vertical market, Cargas Energy made a big splash in the fuel industry and has been gaining market share at an impressive rate since its launch.

Intacct Partner

In 2012, Cargas added Intacct cloud financial management and accounting software. Within 3 years, it met the strict sales growth and service requirements to become a member of the esteemed Intacct Premier Partners. Recognized as one of the top twelve partners in the nation.