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It’s What Sets Us Apart

Our customized solutions complement and integrate with your business systems, giving you more efficiency, more flexibility, and a competitive edge.

 Business-Focused Approach

At Cargas, we recognize that every business has a set of processes that enable them to succeed – sales order processing, customer management, inventory management and more. To develop software solutions, we start by gaining a deep understanding of each of your critical business functions. Only then will we work to define the optimal approach to managing each function, and finally identify and apply the right technology.

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Custom Business Applications

We use the latest technologies to give our customers a head start on one-of-a-kind software solutions.  Our set of tools can be shaped to meet a broad range of needs — a robust but flexible foundation for the development of custom software solutions. With this innovative platform, customers benefit because Cargas spends less time developing a foundation in technology and more time developing a custom-fit solution.

Cargas Agile Development

Cargas uses a methodology refined and proven over the past decade, adapted from fundamental “Agile” principles. It starts with recognizing that successfully developing and implementing a custom solution requires input, insight, and involvement from different members of the team at the customer, from Executives to the End Users. Cargas’ team starts with a broad understanding of the business processes impacted by the solution. We then dive into the area with the biggest opportunity in the business. We build working software, getting feedback from key stakeholders early and often, using an iterative development approach.

Our Greatest Resource

Our custom development team includes senior technical consultants, software developers, experienced database administrators and web developers. Our team has vast experience integrating systems to many platforms, and customizing, modifying, and integrating to Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM and Intacct, as well as developing new web-based modules customized for your business.



“I would recommend Cargas to other businesses who struggle with systems and processes that they may have outgrown or systems that have become inefficient. Our dedicated team from Cargas—Jon, Rob, and Jodie—took the time to learn our processes and grasp how each piece of the puzzle is connected. They really understand our business and are always responsive to our needs.”

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