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A Cargas representative must create your organization in the portal. We also must create any users which your organization would like to have access to the portal. You must provide an e-mail address for each requested portal user. Once the user is created in the portal, the user will receive an e-mail inviting the user to create a password that will be used to authenticate access to the portal. The user setup is not complete until the password has been created. Use the email button below to request access.
Our support staff operates Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm (EST). We will respond to urgent support requests only outside regular business hours.
For support requests initiated during normal working hours of Monday through Friday, 7am to 7pm (EST), you should expect that we acknowledge support requests and begin work within four business hours. We will respond to urgent support requests only outside regular business hours.
Yes. In many cases it may be beneficial to contact a consultant directly. This allows you to build a relationship with our team and may speed up your request since the consultant is familiar with your organizations system and processes. However the consultant may be working with another support case or out of the office for an extended period and may have limited access to e-mail or voice mail.
Yes. With advanced notice we will dedicate resources for a period of time. We also offer priority service in the case of an emergency.

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