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Solution: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Flagger Force provides professional traffic control services for clients in mainly the utility and construction industries. With the company’s traffic control specialists managing traffic, its clients’ workers can concentrate on what they need to accomplish on or nearby the roadway. Its services enable clients to devote more manpower to their projects and minimize safety risks. Expertly trained and experienced, Flagger Force’s traffic control specialists’ sole job is to protect people, the public, and clients’ employees on and around the roadways.

Flagger Force provides its services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia. The company has grown from a small startup in 2002 to 1,400 employees in 2015. In 2015, it doubled its service area.








Rapid Growth Offers Opportunities—And Challenges

“As our company was experiencing such rapid growth, we recognized a lot of administrative processes and approaches to tracking information from leads were outdated,” explained Austin Moran, Account Manager at Flagger Force. “In 2014, we started looking into CRM tools that could help us streamline our efforts.”

According to Moran, Flagger Force’s Business Development department gets a lot of leads organically via phone calls from people who have seen Flagger Force trucks on the road. While these incoming leads could be handled manually, Flagger Force knew a solution was required to streamline this business function.

“There was a lot of back-office work involved so our team wasn’t able to spend as much time on the phone forming and strengthening client relationships. We were faced with the challenge of handling the growing amount of back-office work without adding additional administrative staff,” said Moran. “We knew that to run a lean yet efficient business development group, we needed to find a CRM that could streamline the process of recording detailed information from leads and preparing quotes.”

The Solution: Streamlined Processes With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implemented By Cargas

After researching the options, Flagger Force found that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM had the capabilities needed to speed up their administrative tasks while providing an organized location to store detailed information and track client conversations across their department.

The company received three quotes from business solutions providers, and then ultimately selected Cargas Systems.

“Three key reasons drove us to choose Cargas,” said Moran. “First, Cargas is a local company. We valued that they could easily be here face to face in a short amount of time if we needed them during implementation. We wanted the ability to have direct conversations and have in-person interaction as we went through the education and learning process. The second reason for choosing Cargas: Dave Packard, our Cargas CRM consultant. Dave has a wealth of knowledge and experience. And the third reason is we felt Cargas provided a competitive price while delivering considerable value.”

According to Moran, the value they found with Cargas includes that Packard took the time to really understand what Flagger Force’s business development group does on a day-to-day basis and what they envisioned the CRM might do for them.

“He broke the process down into clear steps to identify how to tailor the CRM to our specific situation,” shared Moran.

Benefits: Time Saved = More Time To Do What Really Matters

Because of the CRM’s implementation and the creation of standardized intake forms within the system, the business development team has been able to reduce the time spent on data entry and correspondence.

We have consistency and can get more detailed information at a faster pace than before. By lessening the time employees have to spend on administrative tasks and back-office work, our team can focus more on talking with customers and on our high-value business development efforts.

Austin Moran, Account Manager at Flagger Force

According to Moran, Cargas, with the expertise and attention of Packard, has been a wonderful partner to work with.

“When implementing a solution like this, the consultant you work with influences the type of experience you’ll have,” said Moran. “I enjoyed working with Dave. He understood our needs and kept them as his highest priority. I would definitely recommend Cargas to others looking for a solutions provider.”

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