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Solution: Microsoft Dynamics GP

Community Services Group (CSG) provides a spectrum of specialized programs to help the individuals it serves live the quality of life they choose which may include becoming more independent in their lives. Its primary focus: Delivering quality, community-based intellectual and developmental disability (IDD), mental health, and autism services for adults and children throughout Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania.

CSG promotes philosophies of Recovery and Resiliency, Trauma Informed Care, and Self Determination. Recognizing the need for non-medical members of the community to gain a better understanding of how to identify and support adults and youth with mental health issues and autism, CSG also provides training to teachers, parents, human resource professionals, hospital administrators, first responders, and others. CSG’s “Mental Health First Aid” (MHFA) courses help individuals who aren’t clinically trained to assist someone experiencing a mental health crisis. MHFA teaches individuals to assess a mental health situation, provide initial help, and facilitate connecting those in crisis with the resources they need.

Since CSG was founded in 1972, the organization has grown to nearly 1,700 employees in over nineteen counties across the state of PA.

The tremendous growth in the company’s employee base, expansion of its service area, and the breadth of services it offers have enabled it to change individuals’ and their families’ lives for the better.

That progress has also presented CSG with some operational and administrative challenges along the way.

CSG’s Core Challenge: Complexity Of Operations And Systems

“We operate in a very regulated industry that requires accuracy in reporting data to payers such as counties, insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid,” explains Janet Hartle, CSG Vice President of Processes and Employee Services. “We also need to comply with state and federal regulations, like HIPAA, as well as undergo financial auditing. Adding to the complexity is processing in-house payroll for an organization of our size.”

According to Hartle, CSG needed not only precision in managing data, but also a way to streamline and simplify its processes so their staff wouldn’t be bogged down in excessive administrative work.

In July of 2012, CSG started on the path to streamlining operations by transitioning from its legacy systems to client server and cloud-based Microsoft Dynamic GP for its human resources, payroll, and accounting. Around the same time, the organization decided to implement an electronic health record (EHR) application. With regulations requiring all billing to go through the EHR, CSG needed the Microsoft Dynamic GP solution to support and interface with the EHR billing transactions.

Steps To Simplification

“We started working with Cargas approximately one year after first implementing GP,” shares Hartle. “They understood the complexity we were dealing with and were able to recommend solutions to problems not yet resolved in the first year of having the software.”

According to Hartle, one major component Cargas has helped CSG with has been reformatting and restructuring its general ledger chart of accounts. “Cargas has ensured the chart of accounts is built to integrate with the EHR structure. That’s absolutely essential for us,” says Hartle.

Understanding CSG’s unique needs, Cargas also provided the company with third-party software options to enhance the capabilities of the Dynamics GP solution.

Benefits For The Long Term

The changes CSG has put into effect with the help of Cargas have enabled the organization to build better processes, save time, and manage data more effectively.

Molly Gerth, Database Administrator at CSG, has been closely involved with Cargas during implementation of the enhancements and integrations. “The employees at Cargas have exceptional knowledge. They always go above and beyond in helping us identify areas that need attention. And they provide multiple solution options, explaining how each might affect our company in the long run.”

“There hasn’t been a day when I’ve been disappointed with Cargas’s response to an issue,” shares Gerth. “When you work with Cargas, you can expect an exceptional service experience.”

Hartle concurs.

“Our business is about people, and developing a strong partnership with Cargas has felt very natural. They understand us and genuinely care about positioning us for the future.”

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