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Sage Intacct’s Core Financial Features

Sage Intacct’s online accounting software is built on a multi-dimensional general ledger, taking core financials beyond the capabilities of most cloud-based ERP software programs.

General Ledger

Sage Intacct’s general ledger was built to be different, bringing you greater visibility, scalability, and flexibility. Sage Intacct’s revolutionary general ledger design enables you to use dimension values.

General Ledger Data Sheet

Accounts Payable

With Sage Intacct, your finance team can automate tactical vendor management workflows across the entire accounts payable process with newfound speed and efficiency.

Accounts Payable Data Sheet


Sage Intacct’s purchase order software automates your unique workflows so you can streamline purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and sign-offs. It connects with accounts payable, cash management, and inventory, so you don’t have to enter the same data twice.

Purchasing Data Sheet

Order Management

Only enter orders once. When the data is in Sage Intacct, it will automatically flow to fulfillment, billing, revenue accounting, and all the other places you need it to. It’s easy, efficient, and accurate.

Order Management Data Sheet

Accounts Receivable

Sage Intacct makes your accounts receivable team more efficient so you can get paid faster. Automate your processes, send invoices by email, and offer more payment options to customers.

Accounts Receivable Data Sheet

Cash Management

Sage Intacct cash management allows your finance team to see transactions across all checking and savings accounts and credit cards, providing a complete, real-time picture of your company’s money flows.

Reporting & Dashboards

Sage Intacct’s general ledger uses dimensions to capture the business context of your transactions, operational measures, and budgets. As a result, you can quickly create reports that analyze real-time business performance by business drivers, without having to manage a chart of accounts with hundreds of segments.

Reporting & Dashboards Data Sheet

Digital Board Book

Make quicker, more sound strategic decisions with real-time software-as-a-service metrics that go beyond GAAP metrics to include operational metrics—together, these are the critical metrics for your board reporting.

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When there’s an issue, communicate it directly in Sage Intacct—on specific journal entries, accounts, projects, invoices, purchase requisitions, and more.

Collaborate Data Sheet

Additional Sage Intacct Modules

Add more advanced financial capabilities as your business grows, scales, and evolves. Sage Intacct is there to enable and support your success.

Time & Expense Management

Sage Intacct makes it painless to manage time and expenses. Your employees can enter their time and expense data anytime, anywhere. Managers get instant alerts to review and approve these entries. Employees receive prompt reimbursement in the correct currency.

Time & Expense Management Data Sheet

Multi-Entity & Global Consolidations

With Sage Intacct, you can automate activities including currency conversions, inter-entity transactions, local tax reporting, and more. Eliminate manual effort, close the books faster, and bring on the growth.

Multi-Entity & Global Consolidations Data Sheet

Project Accounting

Sage Intacct shows you the true cost of past projects so you can make smarter project bids in the future. It integrates with your CRM system so you can see what’s coming in the pipeline, line up the right people and materials, and turn bids into projects without manual data re-entry.

Project Accounting Data Sheet

Revenue Management

Unlike basic billing software, Sage Intacct lets you generate billing schedules, manage changes, update revenue recognition calculations, and more—all while ensuring compliance with the SEC, FASB, and Sarbanes-Oxley standards and without touching a single spreadsheet.

Revenue Management Data Sheet

Subscription Billing

No matter how your organization evolves or how quickly it grows, Sage Intacct Subscription Billing automatically generates your company’s billing, delivers customer invoices and statements, and updates the accounting system.

Subscription Billing Data Sheet

Sales & Use Tax

Sage Intacct automates real-time calculations to eliminate tax-rate errors and ensure timely filing and remittance. These calculations are applied transparently at the time of each transaction. Automated tracking and reporting free up your finance team.

AvaTax for Sage Intacct Data Sheet

Vendor Payment Services

Processing and tracking payments, whether check, ACH, or credit card can add headaches and complexity to your financial workflow. With Vendor Payment Services built on the American Express Global Commercial Payments infrastructure, you automate your check, ACH, or credit card payment runs to speed up the process, saving you time and money, while also reducing risk.

Vendor Payment Services

Fixed Assets

Automatically share all asset acquisition, depreciation, and disposal information between the fixed asset register and general ledger, accounts payable, and purchasing.

Fixed Assets Data Sheet

Salesforce Integration

The Sage Intacct CRM Integration links the best-in-class cloud accounting solution with the best-in-class cloud CRM solution. What do you get when you bring these two powerful solutions together? A full view of every customer.

Salesforce Integration Data Sheet

Cargas Sage Intacct Products

Our technical team is certified in Sage Intacct’s platform services and provides applications that run natively in the Sage Intacct interface.

Cargas AR AP Consolidator

Cargas AR AP Consolidator helps businesses with multiple customers who are also vendors. It provides the ability to link customer and vendor records and create matching adjustments, enabling customer invoices and vendor bills to be cross-applied. This avoids the inefficiency of the exchange of payments for both a customer invoice and a vendor bill.

Price: $1200/year

Cargas AR AP Consolidator Data Sheet

Sage Intacct Marketplace

Cargas Energy

Cargas Energy is the leading software and mobile technology for residential, commercial, and wholesale distributors of heating oil, propane, motor fuels, and HVAC service companies. Cargas Energy automates and manages the energy industry’s operational needs across all areas of your business. Our scalable, easy-to-use back office and real-time mobile solutions provide proven advantages to manage, grow, and diversify your business.

Price: $2500/user

Sage Intacct Marketplace

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