Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

What is Microsoft Dynamics?

2017-08-02T08:29:44+00:00 August 2nd, 2017|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), Microsoft Dynamics GP|

What is Microsoft Dynamics? Microsoft Dynamics provides a way to revolutionize your business through streamlined software applications, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Microsoft Dynamics includes several separate business management solutions. To help you understand which solution may be the right fit for your business, here [...]

New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Features – Dynamics 365 For Sales

2017-04-10T21:17:02+00:00 February 3rd, 2017|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)|

New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Features - Dynamics 365 For Sales Dynamics CRM functionality is now included as a part of Dynamics 365, a suite of intelligent business applications. New App Model Dynamics 365 (online) introduces a new app model for Dynamics 365 apps and makes accessing these [...]

What Does The Launch Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mean For Dynamics CRM And Dynamics GP Customers?

2017-04-10T21:18:18+00:00 October 31st, 2016|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), Microsoft Dynamics GP|

To provide a more versatile and robust suite of offerings to businesses of all sizes, Microsoft has announced its November 1, 2016 launch of “Dynamics 365.” A 100 percent cloud-based business solution, Dynamics 365 combines some of Microsoft’s most effective existing software services along with new technology. According to Microsoft, “These applications unify CRM and [...]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Salesforce Comparison

2016-12-16T06:06:18+00:00 June 15th, 2016|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)|

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce are two of the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software packages providing sales, marketing and customer service departments with some of the most robust features and capabilities on the market. Choosing the CRM system that’s right for your organization requires not only a thorough understanding of what each package offers [...]

Conventional Wisdom, Software, and Your Business

2016-12-16T06:06:18+00:00 June 14th, 2016|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), Microsoft Dynamics GP|

Conventional Wisdom, Software, and Your Business By Jon Clemens, Vice President of Cargas Systems We use this phrase to refer to commonly held ideas and beliefs that seem like they should be true. It’s - well - conventional. According to Wikipedia (and what better place to find a definition for the term “conventional wisdom”), it [...]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workflow Tutorial

2016-12-16T06:06:19+00:00 April 6th, 2016|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)|

Learn how to setup a basic workflow process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. In this tutorial we will walk you through the workflow process to create an email notification when an opportunity is reassigned. This can be used for new leads, opportunities or cases. A workflow enables you to create and manage your [...]

Delivering Efficiency With Triose And A Custom Solution

2016-12-16T06:06:19+00:00 March 15th, 2016|Custom, Healthcare, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), Sage Intacct, Success Stories|

TRIOSE, Wyomissing, PA Solution: Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, And A Custom Billing Application Established in 1999, TRIOSE has earned accolades as a third-party logistics partner to the healthcare industry. The Wyomissing, PA organization delivers freight in, out, and within a health system to meet providers’ and patients’ needs. The TRIOSE [...]

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Advantages of the Microsoft Platform

2016-12-16T06:06:19+00:00 February 25th, 2016|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)|

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides growing and mid-market organizations a powerful platform to manage business relationships and data associated to them. It not only equips teams to be more productive and educated, but also gain deeper insights into the entire customer relationship across multiple business units. The sales automation, customer service and marketing modules align and [...]

How To Customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM Theme

2016-12-16T06:06:19+00:00 February 12th, 2016|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)|

Since CRM 2015 UR1 you have the option to customize the look and feel of your Microsoft CRM system to include your company colors and logos by creating a Theme. To create a new Theme go to SETTINGS > CUSTOMIZATIONS > THEMES. Click on NEW: Give the Theme a name and add the Hex Code [...]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Compatibility With Other Microsoft Products

2016-12-16T06:06:19+00:00 January 13th, 2016|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)|

By Joe Campagna with Cargas Systems As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant, I am frequently getting questions from our CRM customer base on whether current versions of their other Microsoft products are compatible with their current version of Dynamics CRM. It then popped into my head to make it easier on the Cargas CRM customer [...]

Controlling Traffic With Flagger Force And CRM

2016-12-16T06:06:19+00:00 December 1st, 2015|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), Success Stories|

Flagger Force, Hummelstown, PA Solution: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Flagger Force provides professional traffic control services for clients in mainly the utility and construction industries. With the company’s traffic control specialists managing traffic, its clients’ workers can concentrate on what they need to accomplish on or nearby the [...]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Features

2016-12-16T06:06:19+00:00 September 9th, 2015|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)|

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, which will be released in the fourth quarter of this year, continues on the journey to deliver Intelligent Customer Engagment to the market – helping companies deliver customer experiences that are personalized, proactive and predictive. The Dynamics CRM 2016 update includes all of the CRM services – CRM, Parature, form Microsoft, [...]

CRM For Outook Buttons Greyed Out After Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 UR1

2016-12-16T06:06:19+00:00 July 23rd, 2015|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)|

By Dave Packard with Cargas Systems Last night our CRM 2015 Online instance was updated to UR1. When I came in this morning and opened Outlook I had an issue—the CRM buttons were greyed out. I restarted Outlook and still had the same issue, so I checked Windows Update to see if the CRM 2015 [...]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM UR1 Quick Find Search Permissions Error For Custom Security Roles

2016-12-16T06:06:19+00:00 July 23rd, 2015|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)|

By Dave Packard with Cargas Systems If you use custom security roles in CRM (and who doesn’t) then you may run into this issue when you update to CRM 2015 UR1. One of our users brought this to my attention after our upgrade last night. The user was hitting this permissions error when using Quick [...]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adds Field Service Management Solution With FieldOne Acquisition

2016-12-16T06:06:19+00:00 July 17th, 2015|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)|

Today, Microsoft announced the acquisition of FieldOne Systems LCC, makers of the cloud based field services management software FieldOne. FieldOne has been in business for over ten years but only made the shift to focusing on the enterprise and mid-market segment about four years ago, when they developed their new product based on Dynamics CRM [...]

Intacct Integrations – An Easy Way to Streamline Your Business

2016-12-16T06:06:20+00:00 June 19th, 2015|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), Sage Intacct|

One of the most important benefits of a cloud accounting software package is the ability to integrate with other necessary business software. And when it comes to integrations that will help your business save time, reduce effort, and streamline operations Intacct really shines. Thanks to a wide array of pre-built integrations, Intacct is ready to [...]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM LinkedIn Integration With Sales Navigator

2016-12-16T06:06:20+00:00 June 12th, 2015|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)|

LinkedIn has added an integration from its 's Sales Navigator product to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the company announced today. The integrated app will embed LinkedIn profile and company information into Dynamics CRM. Sales professionals using Dynamics CRM can use the Sales Navigator integration to send connection requests, messages, and use InMail directly from Dynamics CRM. [...]

Taking American Crane & Equipment Corporation To New Heights With CRM And Marketing Automation

2016-12-16T06:06:20+00:00 March 6th, 2015|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), Success Stories|

American Crane & Equipment Corporation, Douglassville, PA Solution: Microsoft Dynamics CRM American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO) is a leading manufacturer of cranes, hoists, and other material handling equipment. The company also produces components and parts for standard, custom, and nuclear applications. With three plants having a [...]

Making A BANG With Keystone Novelties And CRM!

2016-12-16T06:06:20+00:00 February 6th, 2015|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), Success Stories|

Keystone Novelties, Lancaster, PA Solution: Microsoft Dynamics CRM In 2012, Jack May (Managing Director) and his partner acquired Keystone Novelties, LLC, a leading Pennsylvania seller of fireworks. Formerly a division of Keystone Fireworks (a business that operates fireworks superstores throughout PA), Keystone Novelties sells its fireworks from tents in nine [...]

Five Questions To Determine Whether Your Business Software Should Be In The Cloud

2015-04-24T03:18:49+00:00 January 13th, 2015|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), Sage Intacct|

1. Is your software publisher taking too long to release new versions of your business software? There’s a difference in economics between purchased software and software as a service. With software in the cloud, the publisher needs to earn your business every day because you can always decide not to renew your subscription. So cloud [...]

Microsoft CRM 2015 Universal Search & Advanced Find Improvements

2016-12-16T06:06:23+00:00 January 13th, 2015|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)|

By Dave Packard with Cargas Systems With the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 at the end of November 2014 all online users can choose a date, within a timeframe, when they want to have their system upgraded. If you haven’t done so already I encourage you to schedule your date or at least confirm the [...]

Microsoft CRM 2015 Upgrade Checklist

2016-12-16T06:06:23+00:00 January 12th, 2015|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)|

By Dave Packard with Cargas Systems Microsoft Dynamcis CRM 2015 is here and all online customers are set to receive this update over the coming months (if they haven’t done so already). Here is a basic checklist of things to do both before AND after the upgrade. These can also apply to on-premise customers going [...]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 New Software Features

2016-12-16T06:06:23+00:00 September 24th, 2014|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)|

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, which will be released in the fourth quarter of this year, aims to improve collaboration between sales and marketing teams, and eliminate redundant efforts. Dynamics CRM 2015 also promises to give sales and marketing professionals the tools they need to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Let’s take a look at some of [...]

How To Setup Microsoft CRM Dashboards—Tutorial

2016-12-16T06:06:23+00:00 September 19th, 2014|Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)|

I love shopping. Ok, that is a lie, but I do love the simplicity of one-stop shopping. Getting my groceries, cleaning supplies, paper products, and new 55” HDTV from one store makes life a little easier, if not a little more enjoyable. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, having one location to see all my activities, leads, [...]